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Banking & Payments

Key Points

  • U.S online casinos and sportsbooks provide customers with many banking methods for deposits
  • Available options may include PayPal, Instant eCheck (ACH), credit and debit cards, online banking transfer, Play+ Prepaid Cards, PayNearMe
  • Real money casinos may also accept Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

Safe Online Casinos

Placing bets online has never been easier. Making deposits and withdrawals from online casinos and sportsbooks is just as easy. Modern gamers can quickly and safely transfer funds to their favorite online casino or online sportsbooks.

Online casinos and sportsbooks in the US provide several reliable methods to deposit and withdraw cash from your online account. Debit and credit cards are always an option, although more advanced withdrawal services - such as e-wallets like Neteller or wire transfers - may also be available.

Withdrawing winnings is quick too. Players just need to make a request to the online sportsbook and the money is transferred. Whether you're an experienced online gambler or just getting started in the world of online sports betting, easy access to deposits and withdrawals means you can focus your attention where it matters the most.

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What Banking Methods Can I Use for Online Gambling in the U.S.?

Online casinos in the U.S. provide their customers with many banking methods for deposits. Some of these methods include:

  • PayPal
  • Instant eCheck (ACH)
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Online banking transfer
  • Play+ Prepaid Cards
  • PayNearMe
  • Bank wire transfer
  • Paper checks
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Venmo
  • Cryptocurrency


PayPal is one of the most popular e-payment platforms. It's used by some online casinos and sportsbooks. With PayPal, you may easily and securely make deposits using various funding sources, like bank transfers, debit/credit cards, or your PayPal balance. You can also use PayPal to make withdrawals.

If you are using PayPal, you must use a personal account. You cannot use a business or premier account to deposit or withdraw from a real money online casino or sportsbook account.

Also, the email address you used to register your PayPal account and your online sportsbook or casino account must be the same. Some people might have this problem, but you can fix it by updating your PayPal email.

You'll also need to make a deposit using the well-known e-wallet before you may withdraw to your PayPal account.


Online Gambling with PayPal

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Most online sportsbooks and casinos process withdrawals using the same deposit method.

Instant eCheck (ACH)

Instant eCheck (or ACH) is another great option to fund your iGaming account. It links your checking account through your bank’s routing number and account number. This is done through a safe and secure third-party processor. Most real money online casinos and sportsbooks use VIP Preferred as their processor.

VIP Preferred saves your information for your convenience when you create your account. Deposits will enter your account immediately, but depending on your bank, it could take up to three days to reflect in your account statement.

Also, VIP Preferred allows you to conveniently transfer your information to other real money gambling sites that accept their banking option. So you do not have to submit your banking details on each website. Furthermore, VIP Preferred protects your banking information with many encryption layers.

You should note that there are limits on how much you can deposit with VIP preferred, but if you use the service more frequently, your limit will increase. US online casinos and sportsbooks reset weekly limits regularly.

Credit/Debit Cards

Credit/debit card payments are one of the easiest ways to deposit money into your online gambling account. You could use your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card directly. You simply use your card the way you shop online. When using a debit card, ensure you have sufficient available credit or funds in your bank account.

Due to some banks’ outdated systems, some fees might occasionally be assessed, but in general, they are extremely rare. You will need to find another method of withdrawing your winnings from the website because credit/debit cards can only be used for deposits.

Online Bank Transfers

Online bank transfers let you instantly and safely fund your online gambling accounts by using the billpay feature of your online banking service. Before using this as a deposit option, you must first enable the online banking billpay feature in your sports or real money casino account and your bank must also offer a billpay facility.

Play+ Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are a great way to fund your preferred online casinos, and Play+ makes it even simpler. Most online gambling sites let you sign up for a Play+ card directly from the cashier, saving you the time and money of standing in line at CVS and outrageous loading fees.

After receiving immediate approval, you can load money with a debit or credit card or directly from your bank account.

You will need to register for a different card for each online sportsbook or casino you play at because Play+ cards are brand-specific to each website. They provide a straightforward website where you can readily see account balances and deposit/withdrawal options.

A physical Play+ card will be mailed to you within two weeks of registering for one. There are various ways to withdraw money from the card, including using the Play+ card any place Discover is accepted or taking cash from any ATM. It is significant to remember that withdrawals are subject to a $2 transaction fee.


PayNearMe is an alternative for customers who want to avoid linking their bank account or using their debit or credit card. Choose PayNearMe and enter the desired deposit amount.

A barcode will be sent to you, which you can use at participating retailers, including 7-11, CVS, Family Dollar, and others. The cashier will scan the barcode at the register after you present it to them, and they will immediately accept your money. In just a few minutes, money is ready for use online.

Some disadvantages include needing to leave your house and not being eligible for most promotional offers. PayNearMe can only be used to make deposits. It cannot be used to make withdrawals.

Bank Wires

Bank wires are an excellent alternative for making significant deposits and withdrawals into and out of your account. However, it is not a popular option. As a bank wire interacts directly with the website, it is also an excellent choice for customers who prefer to keep their private banking information private from third-party processors.

When using wires, costs may be charged, depending on your bank. Additionally, they are not the fastest method.

Paper Checks

While it is not the most common option, some websites still allow you to mail a paper check to the online casino or sportsbook. When processing and posting are considered, it may take up to two weeks to be added to your account.

Paper checks include cashier’s checks, bank drafts, money orders, and personal checks. Additionally, you might not be eligible for some promotional offers if you deposit with paper checks. Although this is not advisable, it is still possible for cautious gamblers.


Skrill is similar to PayPal. The greatest distinction between Skrill and other online e-wallets is that with Skrill, you may deposit money and withdraw it with ease. Visitors to the U.S. who want to play online casino games or wager on sports frequently choose this option.


Neteller is a popular e-wallet provider in the online gambling industry. It allows you to easily and securely deposit and withdraw funds on your iGaming account without commissions.


This social payments app allows you to make instant online deposits to your iGaming account. It works fast and is a simple deposit method. There are no commissions.


Cryptocurrency differs from most other forms of money because it is purely virtual. More casinos are now taking cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, as their value has risen sharply in recent months. \
They are popular among gamblers because they are anonymous and digital. Bitcoin is arguably the most popular cryptocurrency, and gamblers like it because it provides anonymity and multiple layers of protection to those who spend it.

Although there are various ways to use cryptocurrencies for online gambling, the most common way is an exchange. A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform for buying, selling, or trading cryptocurrencies.

Before selecting an exchange, it is crucial to perform your homework because numerous options are available. You can create an account and begin exchanging currencies as soon as you have chosen an exchange you like.

When you have cryptocurrency, you can start playing online casino games with it. You can use specialized gaming websites or virtual currency-accepting online casinos. It is crucial to keep in mind that not all gaming websites allow cryptocurrencies, so make sure to double-check before you start.

You may always utilize a wallet if you seek a more secure way to play with cryptocurrencies. A wallet is a software that safeguards your money from internet theft by storing it offline. Make sure to select the perfect wallet for you from the wide variety that is offered.

How Quickly Can I Cash Out Gambling Winnings?

The time to cash out gambling winnings from an online casino depends on the casino and the withdrawal option used. Generally, if you withdraw directly into your bank account, you should get your money cleared into your account within three to five days.

If you use credit cards, PayPal, or other e-wallet services, it may take a longer time because of security checks. Your iGaming casino will provide you with terms and conditions that will give you details about the timeline for payment.

On average, your withdrawal should be processed within five working days. Most licensed real money casinos will require your I.D. when you want to cash out to ensure you are eligible to gamble and are not banned from their site.

Can I Track My Deposits & Withdrawals at U.S Online Casinos?

Yes. Most online casinos provide you with a platform for you to keep track of your verified payments made to or from your account. Also, your verified payments will reflect on your bank statements.

What Makes Online Casino Deposits Safe?

Depositing money online is safe if you stick to reputed real money online casinos. Many factors make online casino deposits safe, including:

Licenses Issued by Regulatory Bodies

A valid license is the clearest indicator that an iGaming platform is safe. In every state where online gambling is legal, the operators are required to have a valid license from the state’s regulatory body. Depending on the state where you register at the casino, there may be different licenses. One of the reasons for the license is to protect players.

Before licenses are issued to operators, regulatory bodies usually have various requirements, including:

  • The operator must not have a criminal history.
  • The website must have bonuses, secure payment options, site security, and more.
  • The availability of third-party fraud detection services, age restrictions, and geolocation of players.
  • Provision of financial statements from previous accounting periods.
  • Complying with software requirements, such as independent evaluations of the fairness of casino games.
  • Ensuring that gambling sites use independent auditors
  • Payment of a license fee to the regulating authority and other bodies.

Some regulatory bodies also require that a player’s bankroll money be kept in a separate account or “segregated fund.” This ensures that there is always money available to pay out players. The funds of other players should not fund winnings.

It is easy to know if a casino is licensed. Information regarding the regulatory body and the license is often located at the bottom of the page. Open the “About us” page if you cannot locate the information there.

The page highlights the operator’s most important details, including its licensing status. If no information is available concerning the license, be aware that you risk falling victim to online fraud.

You should also review the “Terms and Conditions” section. The operator’s terms and conditions must be presented precisely and straightforwardly. You do not want them to do anything that would result in the termination of your account before you find out what you did wrong. Therefore, the terms and conditions should only outline other regulations and the circumstances under which you may be “kicked out” of the website.

Security Certificates

Online gambling sites use** Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)** and Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption to protect their users’ data. SSL is a technology that allows for safe data exchange between players and operators. Information is secured through encryption, rendering it unreadable to outsiders.

The most sensitive information we share with a casino is frequently personal and payment information. Because of SSL technology, unauthorized users cannot download and use them for illicit purposes.

TLS is a better and more reliable version of SSL. It fixes security issues with SSL protocols and has new security features. Today, SSL and TLS are both commonly referred to as abbreviated SSL.

Here is how SSL and TLS work:

  • The gamer uses their browser to access a gambling website that uses SSL/TLS.
  • The desktop/mobile browser needs the web server’s identity to obtain a copy of its SSL/TLS certificate.
  • When the certificate is approved, the browser verifies its authenticity and sends a message to the server.
  • All information transmitted between the operator (server) and the user is encrypted in a secure environment.

You can check whether the casino has an SSL certificate at the bottom of the page or in the “About Us” section. You should check to see if the URL bar has a little key or padlock.

Your personal or financial information will not be made public, thanks to the key and padlock. The website should be “HTTPS”, the “S” stands for “safe.”

Account Verification to Prevent Underage Gambling

There is an age limit to participate in online gambling activities. It is usually 18 and 21 years depending on the state and gambling activity.

Online gambling operators are to prevent persons below the age limit from registering and participating in gambling activities or using their casino services. An account verification process is one of the measures that gambling operators put in place to prevent underage gambling.

Every user must undergo this verification process immediately after registration. The process usually takes three working days. A user will be required to provide a valid means of identification.

This is to ensure that the personal information provided by the user is correct. Also, the operator can confirm the age of the user through the means of identification. Every account of an underaged person is immediately closed, and the funds may be confiscated.

Use of Verified Software and Cutting-Edge Technology

Most reliable online gambling platforms use verified software and cutting-edge technology to ensure security in all financial matters. This is to ensure the safety of your deposits.

Games are available on reliable online casinos with a high level of security from trusted software providers. The reputation of casino producers should be impeccable, and there should be many security indicators in their games.

The random number generator (RNG) software used for online slots, roulette, card games, and other games must function correctly every time. On every casino software, the RNG program generates outcomes at random.

It takes out numbers, which it then manipulates into combinations for use on slots and other devices. This program must be tested to ensure that every player has an equal chance of winning.

Besides trustworthy software developers offering top-notch games with excellent graphics, audio effects, and RNG-free results, the games should also have a high return to player (RTP). RTP is the percentage of bets that casino games refund to players. The likelihood that a player of slots, roulette, or other games will win increases with the RTP percentage.

Furthermore, secure developers create games that are optimized for mobile devices in addition to software that is tailored for desktop use. The casino software can run flawlessly on the compact screens of iPhone, Android, and other smartphones thanks to HTML 5 technology. Games optimized for mobile devices have passed a fairness test and are certified.

Providing Reliable and Secure Payment Options

Reliable online gambling platforms provide reliable and secure payment options for deposits and withdrawals. The common goal of online gamblers is to use their real money to win more money.

For that, operators provide reliable payment options to ensure that the financial transactions of their users are not compromised. Some popular, reliable payment options operators offer include e-wallets, credit and debit cards, bank transfers, cryptocurrency, and others.

Users are given enough options to choose. If you have doubts about any payment method, you can easily use other options available.

Customer Service and User Support

Customer service and user support are other important means of ensuring user safety. A trustworthy online casino can function with them since they offer player protection. A reputable online casino must provide round-the-clock customer service via chat, phone calls, and email.

Overall, most online gambling platforms are safe to deposit money. However, you should exercise caution and carry out security checks on their website to ensure your safety.

What Rewards Can I Expect at U.S Online Casinos?

There are several rewards that an online casino offers to its customers. They include:

  • Welcome or sign-up bonus
  • No-deposit bonus
  • Deposit bonus
  • Free spin bonus
  • Reward multipliers
  • Loyalty bonus
  • Referral bonus
  • High roller rewards

What is a Welcome Bonus?

A casino welcome bonus is a promotion used by online casinos to attract new players by giving rewards following their initial payment. These promotions include incentives like free bets at sportsbooks, bonus money, or free spins.

Almost every online casino provides new customers who register an account with a welcome bonus, often known as a sign-up bonus. These take the form of free chips to bet with, representing a significant benefit of playing online instead of playing at a physical location. You can obtain free money, although it might sound too good to be true.

When you can, try to take advantage of these incentives if you play at online casinos because they are a terrific way to receive more value for your money. Make sure you read through the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus before using it.

What Is a No-Deposit Bonus?

No-deposit bonuses are free money given to new customers who register without making a deposit to play particular games. The purpose of a no-deposit bonus is to allow the user to test out the online casino risk-free.

The following terms and conditions apply to most no deposit bonuses:

  • Players cannot simply cash out immediately; they must use the bonus.
  • Before making a withdrawal, the entire bonus money must be played through.
  • Bonus must be used in the period indicated (usually between seven and 30 days).
  • Although most online casinos view all their games as eligible, bonus money can only be utilized on approved games.
  • Each user may only use one no-deposit bonus code.

The requirement to wager with the bonus money is the one restriction that applies to all no-deposit bonus codes. Therefore, you must do more than open a free account, get the money, and cash out. However, it is possible to use a no-deposit bonus to play for real money and then withdraw that real money from the online casino without ever making a payment. And that is common as you would believe.

A no-deposit bonus code may contain a 5x or 10x playthrough requirement, although this is rare. The playthrough requirement is usually 1x. Some also restrict the games you can play to just slots, but the majority allow you to use the no-deposit bonus on whatever game you like. However, they are time-limited, so ensure you only use part of the amount on the first day.

How Do I Get into a Loyalty/VIP Program?

The loyalty program of each casino differs from one another. However, the best way to become a VIP player at a high-roller online casino is to deposit and play. Any given VIP casino program’s administrators have their criteria for identifying high rollers.

It is usually based on a point system, and you may need to deposit four- to five-figure sums regularly. Regular wagering will earn you player points, and an account manager will likely contact you to give you special services.

You must constantly deposit and play big sums of money at your preferred casino to receive high roller treatment. The casino will then invite you to join their VIP club as a token of appreciation for your devotion. Contact the customer care staff at your casino to learn how to sign up for the program.

Some of the benefits offered by most VIP programs include:

  • Access to exclusive rewards, bonuses, and benefits
  • Earn cashback rewards at each level
  • Earn points playing your favorite online casino games
  • Exclusive bonuses
  • Exclusive invites
  • Improved banking options
  • Improved customer support
  • Physical gifts
  • Vouchers

In some cases, once you have selected a casino, registered an account, and made your first deposit, you will immediately be enrolled in their VIP program. After this, the casino’s software will keep track of your bets and activities and, based on the specifics of the program, provide points or rewards. In other words, you will accrue more VIP program points and prestige the more you participate and gamble.

However, some VIP programs, like Vegas casinos, are invitation-only or reserved for high rollers. Invitations to these loyalty programs are often sent by email or an internal message system; they are rarely publicized. These benefits are highly sought-after and occasionally severely guarded.

These programs are frequently offered as needed, and the terms and conditions usually vary from player to player and casino to casino. Because of this, you cannot know exactly what to expect, but you can be sure that your online casino will want to keep you around if you make significant bets - win or lose. The benefits will increase in number as you place more bets.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

A wagering requirement stipulates the amount you have to bet before you can withdraw money from your online casino account. For example, if you have $100 in your account, but $50 is bonus money, you must meet the wagering requirement before withdrawing any of that money. They are also called playthrough requirements. The wagering requirements of most online casinos usually range from 1x to 20x. You must wager the bonus money (and maybe the deposit money) that many times to meet the wagering requirement.

How Do Wagering Requirements Work?

In most cases, wagering requirements specify that a player must reach a minimum betting level to take advantage of a sign-up bonus, promotional offer, or cash-out winnings. Although loyalty programs at online casinos have many great benefits, it is crucial to comprehend the wagering criteria before registering.

This prerequisite is not intended to deceive players. After all, money from casino bonuses is intended to be used for actual casino games. Casinos would be handing away money if they enabled customers to withdraw their balance after a few wagers.

Sign-up rewards, “sticky bonuses,” and other promotional offers are used to draw new users to a website and reward devoted users. The top online casinos can reward players by giving them more time or credit to use on their preferred games, thanks to these bonuses and rewards.

Casino bonuses create a dynamic to your gaming experience by giving you more chances to play. It is undoubtedly a fantastic method to try out a new game without putting your wallet at risk.

How Wagering Requirements Work For Different Casino Bonuses

Depending on the casino bonus being offered, the wagering requirements may change. Here are some of the many casino bonuses you can take advantage of and potential wagering limitations.

Free spins

Some casinos may provide free spins as a welcome bonus or promotional offer if you play online slots for real money. You must bet an amount that is numerous times your gains to cash out any winnings from free spins. Your total winnings are multiplied to arrive at this sum.

For instance, if the wagering requirement is “20 times,” you would have to wager $50 for a total of $1000 before you could withdraw your earnings.

Before claiming a bonus, you should always be aware of the casino’s wagering requirements. By doing this, you will prevent being disappointed when you want to cash out any winnings from free spins.

It is preferable to surrender the bonus and use your own money if the wagering requirement is too high and you will not be playing for a long time. You have complete control over when and how much of your winnings you want to withdraw.

Deposit match bonuses

Similar to those for free spins, match bonuses have wagering limitations. The casino will double your initial deposit as part of a match bonus or deposit match. You would have to wager the matched deposit a specified number of times to satisfy the wagering requirement.

However, players should also pay attention to the fact that some online casinos may include their first deposit in the match bonus.

No-deposit bonuses

A no-deposit bonus is a cash reward you receive without making a deposit of your money. A multiplier mechanism based on your winnings is used to calculate their wagering requirements.

If the wagering requirement for a $50 no-deposit bonus is 10 times, you must wager a total of $500 before you can withdraw any profits. No-deposit bonuses can be a terrific way to enjoy games without having to instantly risk your own money, depending on the wagering requirements set by the casino.

Other Terms and Conditions That Affect Wagering Requirements

  • Your bets only count after you have used your deposit.
  • There may be a minimum odds requirement.
  • There is usually a time limit to meet the wagering requirements of offers and rewards.
  • Sometimes the wagering requirements are game-restricted. That is, they only apply to particular games.

Generally, each online casino and sportsbook has terms and conditions for all promotions. Make sure you read them before opting for any deals.