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Unibet Casino Review

Key Details

  • Unibet offers over 1,000 unique games including poker games, lve casino games and Card games.
  • To join Unibet Casino users must fill out an online form with personal information as well as opt-in or out for welcome bonuses (where applicable).
  • Unibet Sportsbook allows access to all major bet types available to players in the USA while live dealer features include HD streaming professional dealers
  • Banking options available at Unibet US include Credit/Debit Cards, E-Cheques, Wire Transfer, PayPal, PayNearMe, and Paper Cheques Cash

Founded by Anders Strom in 1997, Unibet Casino is one of the more popular gambling brands in the US. Anders originally only wanted to provide betting advice to gamblers. However, the business has expanded into a multinational betting service made for betting and for bettors.

Unibet Logo.JPG

Unibet is reputed for its user-friendly digital service, incredible odds, and the range of options that allows users to gamble and win.

Unibet Bonus Code BETBONUS
App Rating 3.0
Minimum Deposit $10
Game Types Black Jack, Baccarat, Poker, Roulette, Bingo Games, Slots, Card games.
Best Features Live Dealership, Responsible gaming, Easy Layout, Secure Application, Easy Payment Interface, Quick withdrawals, promotions, and bonuses
Licensed Yes
Live Casino Yes

The Unibet Casino website offers over 1,000 unique games for both new and old users. Its list of options include poker games, Live casino, Bingo games, and Card games.

UNIBET casino app.JPG

Can Anyone Gamble At Unibet?

Yes, anyone can gamble with Unibets as long as it's legal in your state. As of 2023, Unibets is licensed in these five American states: New Jersey, Arizona, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.

However, according to the gambling age limits in these states, you have to be at least 21 years old before you gamble at a Casino or on betting applications. Unibets Casino operates with a license in all of these five states.

For instance, in New Jersey, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, and the New Jersey Casino Control Commission oversee licensing and regulations. Unibets also became one of the 10 gambling businesses licensed by the Virginia Lottery in 2021.

In Pennsylvania, Unibet Casino is registered and licensed in conjunction with the Mohegan Sun Pocono by the Pennsylvania Gaming board control, while in Arizona, the group is licensed by the Arizona department of gaming. Lastly, Unibet became licensed by the Indiana gaming board in 2020.

As a result of these regulations, Unibet holds legal provisions such as the age limit, very sacred. Finally, Unibet prohibits staff and anyone that can influence a game result, from gambling at the Casino.

If none of the restrictions apply to you, then there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying the juicy offers of Unibets Casino.

How to Join Unibet Casino

Opening an account on the Unibet Casino application is very easy. It only takes a few steps. You'll be required to fill in your personal information and provide some documents that attest to this information.

Step 1.

If you want to use your website application, open a browser and look for Unibets. Verify the URL. Web applications are specific to the five states where Unibet operates. Choose an option that is specific to your state. If your preferred option is the Mobile application, open your app store and search for the Unibets mobile application.

Although it is not difficult to locate, you need to check to be sure you are not downloading a cloned app. Unibet applications are rated, and secure, and they carry the Unibet logo with a green-black design. The mobile applications are available on Android and IOS app stores, and they are also peculiar to the different states.


Step 2.

The app design and the choice of language are uniform for all states except New Jersey. If you are operating from New Jersey, you should click on the yellow-colored “Join now” button, sitting boldly at the top center of the page. To sign up from Arizona, Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Indiana, click on the “register” button instead. It is at the top right corner of the home page; it is designed in green and quite difficult to miss.

Step 3.

When you click on the register button, a signup form pops up almost immediately. As part of the signup process, you’ll have to opt-in or out, for the welcome bonus. If you select the option to get a bonus, you may have to enter a Promo code designated space on the form.

On the same section of the form, there are spaces for you to fill in your Email and a password of your choice. After doing this, you may decide to read the privacy policy and the terms of conditions before you continue. However, it is necessary to consent to the policy before you can continue the signup process. Remember that this applies across the states, except New Jersey.

Step 4.

After consenting to the policy of usage, you are required to fill in your name, gender, and your correct date of birth. You must make sure your basic information is consistent with any financial platform you intend to use. If you are signing up from New Jersey, you don’t get to opt in or out of the welcome bonus before you proceed with your signup. You start filling in the form – your name, email, and date of birth – immediately you click the Join now button.

Step 5.

In the next section, you are required to fill in and verify location-specific information. If you are signing up from New Jersey, you need to input your social security number. If you are from any of the other states, you need to upload a photo ID and proof of address.

Step 6.

The last set of information you will provide is your mobile number. After doing this, you are ready to use the application. You may log in to verify your details.

Step 7.

As an additional safety measure, the mobile or web application requests that you fill in a security question. With this question, you can protect your accounts and your data from criminal invasion.

Does Unibet offer Live Dealer Casino Games in the US?

Unibet offers live dealer Casino games to users in the United States, especially for those in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. However, you have to meet certain prerequisites before you can participate.

It is important that online live Casinos and live dealer games are legal in your state. You also need to sign up and be logged in to the Unibet application before you can play a live dealer game. With the Unibet Live dealer feature, you have access to HD streaming, professional live dealers, and an interactive interface to help you bet your advantage.

UNIBET Live Casino.JPG

Some of the more popular live casino games include blackjack, roulette, poker games, and baccarat. While the brand applications do not specify a specific internet speed for using this feature, it is best you have a minimum of 5 MB per second to enjoy your game and catch all the action.

Does Unibet Casino Have an Online Sportsbook or Poker Room?

Yes, Unibet has a Sportsbook and a Poker room, and they are both online. The Unibets sportsbook is particularly known for its range and its attractive bonus offers. The Sportsbook also allows you access to all major bet types available to players in the USA. You can wager on major leagues, local leagues, and even sports that are very niched.

The Unibet application allows users to explore all of these alternatives on a single account. So, depending on what you want, you could switch from the Casino to the Sportsbook to make a wager. In essence, you don’t have to create multiple accounts; both Sportsbook, live sports betting, Casino games, and Live dealer games are available on a single website or mobile application.


Online Casino Games at Unibet Casino

You have access to a considerably wide range of games on the Unibet live casino. The Casino has roulettes, card games, and dice games in as many options as you can explore. Aside from the range, the dealers are very professional. Furthermore, the streaming service is excellent and the interface makes gambling fun, immersive and all-round engaging.

With the Unibet technology, you can create custom Camera angles, sound, background audio, and even chats. For instance, you can theme your card with the color and design of your favorite soccer team. While you’re imagining all the fun that comes with playing online casino games at Unibet, let’s take a quick tour of some of the most popular games you will find in the Casino:

The Unibet Live Black Jack

The Black Jack is a popular card game, where you race to 21 points. You will be playing an actual human – the dealer – and you need to beat them to 21 points. The Unibet live blackjack has a multi-hand twist option to increase your odds of winning.

You’ll find the classic version and new variations of the game at the Live Casino. Depending on the version you’re playing, you can wager on the card type and the score of the first two cards. The minimum table bet you can make is $10 and the maximum is $5000. Since the dealer has to receive both cards with one faced up, players have a 0.31-0.35% edge over the house.

The Unibet Live Roulette

What live entertainment is better than a colored ball traveling around a spinning wheel? At the Unibet live Casino, you can choose to play the French Roulette, American or the European roulette. The French variation has better odds on even or odd bets. Besides that, you can get a 50% refund if you lose a spin. You could also explore the double spin, alongside the range of other variations of the game.

The Unibet Live Poker

The Unibet Live poker makes you experience it all; thrill, speed, strategy, and skill. Also, there is a generally low house edge in poker games. All you need is to be able to think fast and think smart. The most popular in the United States variations are the Texas hold’em and the card poker games respectively. The Jacks or Better is the known variation of the game globally.

While the general rule is to play five cards, you can play between a minimum of three and a maximum of 10 cards at the Unibet Live Casino.

The Unibet Live Baccarat

The Baccarat is similar to Blackjack, but it has a different scoring system. You are also required to hit certain numbers or points. The wheel-spinning part of the game is similar to roulette. You need to predict where the wheel will land. The rules are adjusted according to the variation you are playing.

Banking Options available at Unibet, US

For the best user experience, Unibet has a wide range of banking options. However, each banking option has its own peculiarity. For instance, you can only deposit through some channels, you cannot withdraw through them. Here is a breakdown of some of these channels and their peculiarities

S/N Method Withdrawals Deposits
Credit and Debit Cards
Wire Transfer
PayNearMe 🗙
Paper Cheques 🗙
Cash At Cage
Bank Transfer 🗙

Unibet Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Unibet operates with a $10-minimum and a $10,000-maximum deposit limit across its applications. However, withdrawal limits and (even) deposit limits may vary with payment options. Here is a brief tour of the limits as peculiar to the different payment options:

Debit/Credit Cards – Users have a $10 minimum and a $10,000 maximum deposit limit with their credit or debit cards. For withdrawals, there is also a $10 minimum limit and no specified maximum limit. There is no fee whatsoever for both withdrawal and deposit transactions done with this option.

Deposit transactions process almost immediately, but withdrawals may take about 2-3 days. Card transactions are linked to your preferred bank accounts, and can be done through the Paywithmybank service.

Online Bank Transfers – Users can transfer a minimum of $10 dollars and a maximum of $10,000 into their Unibet accounts, at a fee of $0 dollars anywhere in the United States. As for withdrawal, you can receive a minimum of $10 from your Unibet account into your bank account. There are no maximum withdrawal limits. While withdrawals process for about 48-72 hours, deposits are immediate. To use this option, you must be sure that your banks support online gambling, otherwise, there will be transaction complications. Some of the banks that fall within this category include SunTrust bank, TD bank, Capital One 360, New York Community bank, and the Bank of America.

E-Cheque – With the Electronic Cheque, you can make a minimum deposit of $10 and a maximum of $10,000. The deposit payments process for about 2-3 days with a $0 fee attached. To withdraw, however, you can make a minimum transaction of $500. There is no maximum withdrawal limit, and there are no charges for the transactions. Withdrawal also processes for about 48-72 hours.

PayPal – With the Paypal option, you can make a minimum deposit of $10, and a maximum deposit of $10,000. Deposit transactions process and reflect almost immediately with no fee attached. As for withdrawals, there is a $10 minimum transaction limit, and no maximum transaction limit. Both deposit and withdrawal transactions carry no charges whatsoever.

PayPlus – With Payplus, users can deposit a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $10,000 without a fee. Users can also withdraw with this option. The withdrawals are free and users can withdraw as much as they want. The processing time may range from some minutes to 24 hours depending on the nature of the transaction.

VIP preferred – Users can pay or withdraw with this option in a matter of 4-8 days, depending on the amount of money. While there are no maximum withdrawal limits, users can only withdraw as low as $10. As for deposits, the maximum deposit limit for this option is $10,000 and the minimum is $10. Unibet does not charge any amount for deposit or withdrawal transactions done with VIP preferred.

PayNearMe – The Paynearme option allows users a $10 minimum deposit limit and a $10,000 maximum deposit limit. You can also withdraw a minimum amount of $10, and as much as you want with this option. Withdrawals and deposits are processed immediately, at a $0 charge.

Trustly – With this option, you can deposit a minimum amount of $10 and a maximum amount of $10,000 dollars. The deposit transaction process reflects almost immediately with no fee at all. As for withdrawals, there is a minimum limit of $10 and no maximum limit. Withdrawal transactions also attract no fee at all, but they have a processing time of about 2-3 days. However, deposits with this option are only possible with the Paywithmybank service.

Prepaid Cards (Play+) – With a Prepaid card you can withdraw as much as you want and deposit as much as $10,000. The minimum deposit and withdrawal limit for this option is $10. The withdrawal and deposit transactions are processed almost immediately at a $0 charge. You should take note, however: only Play+ users are allowed to withdraw with a prepaid card.

Casino Cages – You can deposit as low as $10 dollars at the Unibet retail casino cage. You can also withdraw as much as you want or move your money anywhere with the help of the Unibet staff. The processing time is usually about 24 hours to 5 days.

Unibet Casino US Bonus Offers

To make your experience as a user worthwhile, Unibet offers bonuses and promotions to new users, old users, and loyal customers. These bonuses can increase your chances of winning, increase your returns, or extend your playtime. There are daily or weekly promotion offers that consistent users may benefit from, and there are also fixed bonuses. Each of these offers has prerequisites and conditions. While some are flexible, others require that you follow the instructions to the letter. Here are some of the bonus and promotion offers you’ll find at the Casino:

Unibet Bonus.JPG

Unibet Casino Player Signup Bonus

This is the very first bonus offer you get when you decide to join the Unibet wagon. As mentioned earlier, there is a pop-up on the signup page where you decide to opt in or out of the bonus offer. If you decide to opt-in, you have to input “BET BONUS” as the promo code. Upon activation, you get a free $10 bonus. That is not all; you also get a 100% bonus on the very first deposit you make. The 100% bonus is only valid for deposits between $10 and $500. You should deposit as much as you can – within this range – to maximize your win.

Unibet Weekly Reload Bonus

Unibet adds a 25% bonus on any game you play on a Thursday. However, the offer only applies to deposits between $10 and $50. This bonus applies regardless of where you are playing from in the United States.

Unibet Weekend Table Games Bonus

If you enjoy weekend table games, you get an extra $5 bonus on every $10 you wager during the promo period. This promotion is available to live dealer games.

The Prize Pool Jackpot Promotion

There are Casino games that qualify for the Jackpot Prize pool on the Unibet Website. Users that enter these games get an extra ticket for the draw to win the Prize pool. To win, you need to place a minimum of $25 for slots, and a minimum of $50 dollars for table games.

The Unibet Playermaker Tournament

The Playermaker tournament is more than just a promotion offer. It is a Casino tournament that unites all Unibets users across the United States. In this tournament, Unibet awards a cash prize of $150,000 with $50,000 to the grand prize winner.

Aside from the first three winners, Unibet also rewards the top 1070 players. The entry method is similar to the Prize Pool, you can get tickets to participate by placing qualifying wagers on Slots and table games.

The Unibet Refer a Friend Bonus

For every friend you introduce to Unibet, you get free play credit of $10. The invitation is usually done by mail, and you get to receive the bonus if the friends join, and deposit on the application. You can use this bonus to play at the Casino or gamble on the Sportsbook.

Aside from these, you can enjoy other free benefits and promotions on the Unibet application every day. You just need to be alert to the announcement. Unibet is reputed for its transparency; you can access the terms and conditions, and the requirements are fair. It is important that you read the terms and conditions specific to the promotion or the bonus offer you are entering for.

Unibet Customer Support

Unibet is among the few online betting services with 24/7 customer support. The brand has so far maintained its reputation of having a smooth user experience. You can reach customer support through the toll-free phone line, email address, the live chat option, and even through social media. You can find the live chat option across the mobile or website applications, regardless of your state of residence. Also, the response time may vary, depending on the channel you choose and your state of residence.

To reduce the load of calls and complaints, all Unibet applications have a help page that answers the most common questions. It is therefore better to check this page first, before reaching the customer support personnel. You never know, you may be saving yourself time. Here is a state-by-state breakdown of the contacts through to Unibet Customer support

State Email Phone Line Time of operation
Pennsylvania support@pa.unibet.com 1-877-286-5303 8:00 am to 11:00 pm
Arizona support@az.unibet.com (844) 387-1934 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.
New Jersey support@nj.unibet.com. 1-855-655-6310 8:00 am to 11:00 pm
Indiana support@in.unibet.com 1-833-677-5021 8:00 am to 11:00 pm
Virginia support@va.unibet.com 1-844-996-2316 8:00 am to 11:00 pm

Does Unibet Casino have a Community?

Yes, Unibet Casino has a community. Just so you know, Unibet Casino takes player feedback seriously. Aside from the customer support channels, you could also get help, give feedback and suggest changes to the Unibet online community.

That is not all, you get to interact with other humans. The potentials of these sorts of interactions are limitless. You can get betting advice, compare results, highlight patterns, and even make joint wagers with friends you make through the community.

Unibet also has good community management. policy. You don’t have to worry about cyberbullying, cheating, or fraudulence, as long as you interact within the community.

Unibet engages its users in the community. You can get first-hand information about tournaments, competitions, new feature launches, and major operational changes in the Unibet community. Finally, the Unibet community also suggests initiatives, like charity, partnerships, community service, and sponsorships. In some instances, members of the community are beneficiaries of these initiatives. So, you just can never tell; the lucky person could be you.

Does Unibet have a Mobile Application

Yes, Unibet has a different mobile application for each of the five states in America. The applications offer users a smooth experience similar to (or even better than) the website applications. That is, you can access all the games, game variations, data, and bonuses on the Mobile application.

UNIBET casino app.JPG

The applications are available across apple and Android application stores. So far, there have been some features that have got the users talking and glued to the applications. Here is a breakdown of some of these features and how they help you as a user:

  • Design and Navigation System – Unibet users across the United States have positively spoken of the easy navigation and intuitive design the application has. It is easy for users to swipe between games, move from Casino to sportsbook and view other selections without too many clicks.
  • Live Chat Option – With the Live Chat option, users can access automatic, user-friendly customer support. The live chat option allows you to switch between an Autobot or a real customer support professional. It is also easy to locate and very intuitive.
  • HD Streaming – Customers have positively reviewed Unibet applications for the quality of its streaming feature, especially at live dealer games. With this feature, you can enjoy a virtual game with a human dealer and catch all the thrills of a physical Casino, from the comfort of your home.

Does Unibet have any Free Casino Games?

As of 2023, Unibet does not offer a free Casino game. However, there are certain periods of the week when you get a free shot at a spin game. You can check the application regularly to know when this is on, and participate.

To access this, you must be logged in, and you must be a consistent user. Remember that the free shots are for spin games only. So you could set your mind to roulettes, baccarat, and other variations of these games.

Can Gamers limit paying sessions?

Yes, Players can limit paying sessions on mobile and Web Applications. This feature helps users to control their gambling impulses. This is not only available to you, it is also available to your closest friends and your family members. With this feature, you can control how many times a day you deposit at the Casino.

The Unibet web and mobile applications have a responsible gaming option on your profile. To activate a paying limit, click on the update limit option at the bottom of the screen. You’ll receive a confirmation pop-up that immediately activates the limit when you click on it. It is possible for you to tighten a limit after it is set. However, if you cannot relax a limit until after the current one has elapsed.

Can Gamers limit Spending sessions?

Yes, you can limit spending sessions. You can activate a spending limit the same way you activate a deposit limit. There is a spending limit dropdown on the responsible gaming option. You can also activate a limit at the page bottom after selecting your desired range. Remember, you cannot relax a spending limit until after it has elapsed, you can only tighten it.

With these options, you can control your spending impulses and gambling addictions if you have one. Unibet advises friends and family to call the toll-free 1-800-522-4700 when they observe a persistent gambling problem.

Does Unibet Require a GEO Comply Plugin to Play Games in the US?

Whether you play from a mobile application or a web application, you are required to download and use a geolocation login to gamble with Unibet. There are different reasons why this is important. For one, it is illegal in some states. |Similarly, it is criminal to wager on, say, Unibets New Jersey outside the state’s area of influence.

Finally, Unibet offers its services, bonuses, and promotions according to the states you are playing from. A geo-location plugin allows the application to provide these services accordingly without breaching the conditions of their license.

However, this limit does not apply to withdrawals. You can make your withdrawals at any time, whether you are inside or outside any of these five states.

Can I use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to Play from Outside the US?

It is illegal to play from outside the five states where Unibets is licensed. This rule still holds whether you play with or without a VPN. You must also be aware that Unibet’s mobile applications have been developed to detect the presence of VPN distorted locations. If your VPNs are detected, you may be banned from using the service altogether.

However, it is not illegal to use VPN in itself. In fact, a VPN might offer some safety if you play within any of the five states. For instance, a VPN can protect you from spammers and phishers by concealing your information while you surf the Casino.

Is Playing on Unibet, US Safe?

Unibet applications are generally safe within the United States. First, all of the Unibet branches – this includes physical offices and applications – are licensed by the state regulatory bodies. These regulatory bodies make sure the games are physically and financially safe for people to play. Also, the security of the applications is tested by professionals several times within a year.

Also, aside from regulatory bodies and government agencies, The Major league baseball recognizes Unibet as an official licensee, and the NBA acknowledges them as an authorized gaming operator.

In addition to these, Unibet has a number of safety features in place to protect users and user data across their application. Here are some of these features:

  • Application Encryption Technology – The Unibet Application has secure security sockets layer (SSL) encryption technology. This encryption is industry-standard and has been approved by cyber-security firms like Cloudflare and Trustwave.
  • The Intrusion Detection System – This is another security feature that protects users from cybercriminals. It monitors the traffic and network signals on the applications to prevent data breaches and other system-attacks.
  • The Limits Feature – To protect users, Unibet allows you to place a limit on your deposits, spending and withdrawals. This is especially applicable to vulnerable users with gambling addictions and impulsive spending habits.
  • The Product Block Feature – You can also block a product on the Unibet application if you sense a compromise. Also, if you think you have been cheated, you are free to block certain games and complain immediately to the customer support for rectification.

Do Players have to be in the US to play at Unibet Casino?

No, players do not have to be in the US to play at Unibet Casino. Unibet is an international gambling service. Therefore, players can gamble in other parts of the world, especially in Europe.

However, to use the Unibet products peculiar to the US, it is important that you are present in the country, and in the states where gambling is legal. It is unanimous to all the states that it is illegal to gamble outside a state-controlled environment.

However, this does not mean that you must be a citizen of any of these states. Inasmuch as you are a resident, you can gamble as much as you want.

Does Unibet Casino Have a VIP Program?

The Unibet Casinos in the United States do not have a VIP program yet. Unibet Loyalty programs are only available to players in Europe. The United States branches are likely to have theirs when the brand is more established in the country.

Does Unibet Casino Payout in the US?

Yes, you can withdraw your cash at the Unibet Casino with any of the options listed earlier. The processing time depends on the amount, and the channel you opt for. Unibet customers can also use the physical retail offices in their respective states to move cash or receive payouts.

Does Unibet Casino have a Referral Program?

Unibet has a referral program. Users can send invites to their Friends to join the Casino through Email. In this referral program, the reward is dependent on the referred user. Usually, there is a referral code in the invitation Email. To activate the bonus, the referred user has to launch the app through the invite link or input a referral code at the sign up page. The recipient then has to deposit and make a wager on the Unibet application.

With every $50 wager the new user makes, both users will be rewarded a $50 bonus on their Unibet accounts. Unibet Casino allows you to refer a friend up to 10 times. This means that you can earn as much as $500 from referrals alone.