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Terms Used In Slots



Action in slots describes the total amount of money a slots player can bet during a specific timeframe, either in a game round or the full game session. A players club benefits are usually achieved based on his/her total action.

Active Payline

An active payline describes a functional payline, which gives a prize when a winning combination lands on it. Certain slot machines feature multiple paylines, allowing players to choose how many paylines they intend to play within a single spin.

All Way Slots

All way slots refer to slot machines that have no fixed payline. An all way slot machine provides an opportunity for slot players to win money in different ways.

Annuity Winner

An annuity winner is a slot prize winner who receives his/her prize money in installments over a specific period.


Autospin is a feature only possessed by certain slot machines, which allows the machine to spin a predetermined number of times without having to press the button after every spin.


AWP (Amusement with prize) refers to a British type of slot machine. It is also regarded as a Fruit machine.



Bank is used to quantify a group of slot machines that are placed side by side with each other. A bank of slot machines usually has something in common in terms of color or theme, although this is only the case for some.


Bars are special slot symbols with "bar" printed in white. Bars are regarded as the lowest paying version that comes in either singles, doubles, or triple-stacked versions.

Basic Slots

Basic slots are regarded as the simplest types of slots machine. It operates by making use of only three reels and a few symbols. It also has a very simple and transparent payout structure.


A bet in slots refers to the amount of money a player places on a spin.

Bet Maximum

Bet maximum refers to the highest amount of wager that a slots player is allowed to have on any spin.

Bet Minimum

Bet minimum is the lowest amount of wager slots can have on a single spin.

Bet One

Bet-one refers to a game rule in slots that allows players to only bet one credit or coin per spin.

Bet Per Line

Bet per line is used to describe the amount that has been wagered per line in each spin.

Betting Units

Betting units are regarded as wagered units used to place bets. Betting units are normally determined by the determination of the slot machine that is being used. It is also known as credits.

Big Bertha

Big Bertha's are highly attractive slot games that have multiple reels. You can easily find big Bertha's at the entrances of brick-and-mortar casinos.

Big Hit

A big hit is referred to as a huge slot win that results in a large payout. A notable example of a big hit is a jackpot hit.

Bonus Features

Bonus features are promotions that are awarded to slot players during play, either at random or as a combination of slot symbols selected by the player. Bonus features are known to add fun to slot games and also provide multiple chances of winning. Examples of bonus features include free spins, wilds, and scatters.

Bonus Multiplier

A bonus multiplier is a feature that helps to multiply slot players' wins/hits by a number during a bonus round.

Bonus Round

A bonus round refers to an extra round that is gifted to slot players, and players can take specific decisions to win extra prizes.

Buy A Pay

Buy a pay refers to payouts that players only get to receive when they meet a min wager amount per spin.

Buy A Feature

Buy a feature refers to promotions that allow players to get access to specific game bonuses or unique game modes when they wager a particular amount of money.



A candle can be described as the light that it's found at the top of the physical machine. The candle is used to call over an employee whenever a player has an issue or you win a jackpot.

A carousel refers to a bank of multiple slot machines which are arranged in a particular order on a casino floor.

Cascading Reels

Cascading reels, also known as avalanche slots, are slot features that possess more than one payline.

Cash Out

To cash out means for a slot player to withdraw his/her slot winnings.


Cashbacks refer to the percentage of a slot player's bet irrespective of whether the player wins/ loses.

Certified Slots

Certified slots refer to slot machines that have a cashback that has been certified and advertised by the casino that owns it.


Coins refer to the total amount of cash a slot player has in a slot machine during a particular period.

Coin Denomination

A coin's denomination refers to the worth of a single coin on a particular slot machine.

Coin In

Coin in refers to the total amount of coins or credits paid in a slot machine.

Coin Hopper

The coin hopper is the slot machine part that gives out the won coins.

Coin Out

Coin out refers to the total amount of coins of credit that are paid out of a slot machine.

Coin Size

Coin size refers to the value that is given to each coin or credit when betting at a slot machine. Some slot machines have fixed coin sizes, while some allow players to adjust the coin sizes. The coin size of a machine is multiplied by the number of paylines in order to get the total amount of bets.

Coin Slots

Coin slots refer to the openings of slot machines where coin stacks are inserted into the machine.

Cold Slots

Cold slots are used to describe slot machines that have not paid out money in a long period of time.


Collection in slots refers to the process of converting coins or credit into actual money.

Collect Button

The collect button refers to the button on the slot machine that converts slot credit into cash when pressed.


Comps refer to the compensations/benefits that are awarded to slot players by casinos in exchange for their play. Examples of comps include free meals, free hotel stays, coupons, special deals, etc.

Console Slot Machines

Console slot machines refer to slot machines that have special features added to them.

Credit Meter

A credit meter is a visual gauge that is able to track the balance of a slot player's credit/coin balance.



Doubles in slots refer to the multiplier symbols that help to double the pay table winnings.

Drop Bucket

A drop bucket is a bucket that is normally placed under slot machines to collect excess coins.


Drops are used to quantify the total amount of coins that has been dispensed into a drop bucket.



Electronic Gaming Machine Slots.

Expanding Wilds

Expanding wilds refers to all the symbols that can be used as a substitute for all the symbols on a reel at a go.



A feature refers to any bonus, such as free spins or side games, that slots players gain access to as a result of them winning certain combinations.


To fill means to draw a hand of 5 in hand poker.

Fixed Jackpot

A fixed jackpot is the standard amount set for a slot player who hits the jackpot combination to win. It is also referred to as flat-slot-prize.

Fixed Value Slots

Fixed-value slots are slot machines with a coin size that cannot be altered.

Free Play

Free play is a slot machine mode that allows players to try out slot games without risking any money.

Free Spins

Free spins refer to a type of promotion that allows slot players to spin the reels and win prizes without them needing to wager.



To gamble means for a slot player to stake a particular amount of money or something that has value with the hope of making much more if the player's prediction of an outcome comes to pass.

Gamble Feature

The gamble feature in slots can be referred to as a bonus feature that allows slot players to choose between 2 options (outcomes). The first outcome (positive outcome) helps to double slot player winnings, while the second outcome (negative) leads to the loss of the already existing winnings of slot players.

Games Per Hour

Games per hour refer to the number of slot games that a player can play in an hour.


Hammer A Machine

Hammering a slot machine is a common slang for playing a single slot machine continuously for hours. Players often hammer a machine when a progressive jackpot is high, and a player is hoping to hit.

High Volatility

A slot game is said to be highly volatile when there is a huge difference between the maximum and minimum win amount.


To hit means to complete a winning combination on an active slot machine.

Hit And Run

A hit and run refer to a type of slot player who plays on a slot machine for a particular period of time before moving on to another slot machine.

Hit Frequency

Hit frequency refers to the rate at which a slot machine pays out winning hands. This value varies between different slot machines.

Hold Percentage

Hold percentage refers to the amount that the slot machine sets aside as a percentage out of the total action of play for the casino. For example, if a casino gives out 93%, this means that the hold percentage is 7%. This means for the slot machine to pay out $93, it has kept $7 for the casino as a hold percentage.

Hot Slots

A hot slots machine refers to a slot that pays out a winning hand at a rate higher than the others.



Icons refer to symbols that are found in the slot machine.

**Instant Winner **

An instant winner is used to describe a slot player who wins a jackpot and is paid his/her prize amount in a one-time payment.



A jackpot is described as the highest payout amount of a slot machine.



A slot lever is a component of a slot machine that can be described as an arm that is attached to the left side of the slot machine and used for spinning reels.


A line refers to the area in slots where matching symbols are lined up to bring about a payout.

Line Bet

Line bet refers to an active payline on a slot machine.

Loose Slots

A loose slot is a slot machine that has a hit frequency that is above average.

Low level

A low level can be described as a type of physical slot machine that can be played while sitting.


Maximum Bet

Maximum bet refers to the highest amount of money that a slot player can stake in a slot game.

Mechanical Slots

Mechanical slots are physical slot machines that possess mechanic configurations.


Megabucks refer to slot machine types that require a maximum of $3 to win the jackpot.


Megaways are slot machines that have a total of 117,649 ways to win.

Minimum Bet

A minimum bet is the lowest amount a slot player can stake in a game.


Near Miss

A near miss is said to occur when a slot player's winning combination almost lands on the slot.


A nudge in slots refers to a small push either up or down to make a combination.

Nudge Slot

A nudge slot is a spot that helps move a winning combination up or down a nudge.


One Armed Bandit

One armed bandit is slang that also means slot machine. This slang was formed on the basis that slot machines have a lever and are programmed to take money from players.


A one-liner refers to a single payline slot in which players must line up to 3 symbols to bag a win.


Onesies are slang that slot players often use to describe other slot players whose betting amount does not exceed one credit at a time.

Optimal Play

Optimal play in slots is the best strategy a slot player can adopt to win big.



A paytable is a table that outlines all winning combinations and their win values.

Payback Percentage

The payback percentage refers to the value of money that must be returned to slot players by a slot machine over some time.


Payout refers to the amount of money to be won if a slots player gets a winning combination.

Payout Percentage

A payout percentage is used to measure the amount of money that a slot machine has paid out in winnings to slot players over a particular period of time.

Penny Slots

Penny slots are slot machines that allow slot players to bet 1 cent on a single pay line.

Pick Me

Pick me is a bonus feature that allows slot players to select the desired objects.

Primary Jackpot

A progressive jackpot refers to a jackpot whose payout amount keeps increasing each time it is not won.


Random Number Generator

A random number generator refers to software that gives out numbers as randomly as possible. It determines the location of a slot machine symbol.

Reel Stop

A reel stop refers to a single position on a slot machine reel.

Return To Player Rate

RTPR refers to the percentage of the amount of wagered funds that will be paid to slot players in winnings for a specific slot.


Rows refer to the arrangements of symbols in a slot game.


Scatter/Scatter Symbol

Scatter refers to a slot symbol that shows up just about anywhere on the gaming reel and still makes a win.

Second Screen Bonus

The second screen bonus refers to slot bonuses which, when won, take the slot players to a second screen.

Select Lines

Select lines in a slot mean choosing the number of payline in a slot game.

Short Pay

Short pay refers to a payout amount that is below the amount won.

Skill Bonus

A skill bonus is a bonus earned as a result of a slot player's skill.

Skill Stop

Skill stop is a feature in slot machines that help slot players to stop the spinning reels anytime they want in a slot game.

Slant Top

Slant top refers to slot machines that make players slant or blend as a result of the armrest.

Slot Club

Slot club are club membership program that is usually offered by casinos to slot players, providing a space where they can win prizes for playing slot games.

Slot Host

A slot host is a slot game official whose task is to welcome and assist players.

Slot Schedule

A slot schedule can be described as a table that depicts the winning slot combination and its corresponding payout amount.

Slot Testing

Slot testing refers to a process that involves the evaluation of a specific spot to find out its RTP.

Slot Tournaments

Slot tournaments refer to a competition where different slot players compete for a particular prize.


Slot is a casino game consisting of spinning reels and several symbols.

Slot Drops

Slot drops refer to the amount that has been played via a slot machine.

Sound Of Rain

The sound of rain in the slot refers to the sound made when coins fall into the bucket via the slot hopper.


To spin in slots means a slot player to pull a lever or push a button to spin the reels.

Stacked Symbols

Stacked symbols are slot symbols that land on each other so as to create wins.

Stand Up Casino

A stand up casino in slots refers to a slot casino where there is no chair or bench for slot players to sit and play.

Streaky Slots

Streaky slots are slots that are known to have times when they are cold and hot.


Take/Pay Cycle

Take cycle refers to the flow at which a slot machine takes in and pays out to slot players.


Taste refers to a gaming strategy that involves paying a little money to slot players to keep them encouraged to keep playing.

Theoretical Hold Worksheet

A theoretical hold worksheet refers to a document normally issued by a slot provider. It states the calculated percentage that a slot machine should pay out depending on the amount wagered.


Three-liner is a type of slot machine that has up to three reels and requires up to three symbols lined up to secure a win.


Tilt is an electrochemical switch that can be easily triggered when tampered with.

Total Bet

Total bet refers to the total value of credits played on a slot at a go.


Trail is a bonus feature that some slots offer. It often involves the unlocking of levels to win the final prize.

Tumbling Reels

Tumbling reels is a feature found in a few slot machines that offer slot players a chance to win more after every winning combination.


Two-liner refers to a slot machine that offers more than two reels.


Up/Down Slot Cycle

Up/Down Slot Cycle refers to the fluctuations in slot payout percentage over a specific period.



Volatility in slot refers to the amount of risk involved when playing a slot game.



Wager refers to the money that is placed upon the prediction of an event in a slot game.

Wager Management

Wager management refers to managing a slot player's betting bank.

Weight Count

Weight count refers to the total amount of coins paid out of a slot machine over a particular period.



A zig-zag refers to the zig-zag pattern-like lines formed on multi-line slot machines.